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Mirror Installation & Replacement

There are many benefits to calling our team to install your mirror or glass additions. The safety standards that we adhere to are completely up to date with codes regulated by the government. The best results possible are achieved with the experience that SAGAM bring to the table. We bring years of successful job completions and hundreds of satisfied customers. There are no shortcuts when it comes to the value of your home and the quality that you get for your hard-earned money. You can trust us to give your home the top level of service and apply industry-leading techniques to adequately finish the job at hand.
Mirror Installation
Mirror installation may sound like an easily accomplishable task. Everyone can hang a mirror right? Well, unfortunately this is not the case; mirrors can become hazards to residents and guests when improperly attached to the drywall. Although homeowners may start out with the best intentions, we all know that expertise beats out intentions the majority of the time. Our customer service representatives will walk through your options with you and find the right package for your family.
Gym Mirror
If you are creating your long anticipated dance or fitness studio in a spare room of your home, or maybe in your new business than proper instillation is essential to the safety of everyone entering the vicinity. We know that you may be eager to get into the space and use it for its intended purpose, but we urge professional installation. We love the idea of a huge mirror designed to keep your craft at the top level of execution. To best execute the instillation of your gym mirror call us, we take the proper precautions necessary to ensure security of the mirror.
Frameless mirror 
Frameless mirrors can be tricky to the amateur hanger. The last thing that you want is for your heavy accessory to be inadequately attached to the walls of your home and fall due to a lack of security. Trust the authorities in mirror installation and replacement when considering an update or addition of a frameless mirror. Frameless mirrors add a level of sophistication and contemporary design to a space, this can enhance the décor of homes increasing the love you have for the overall design of your space. Take the time to see what puts SAGAM ahead of the league when it comes to mirror installation and replacement.
Accidents happen, and the prone materials are usually those most fragile. Replacement of mirror in your bathroom frame or 
custom space can be costly and take an extensive amount of time. You should be entitled to a speedy recovery from a damaged mirror in your home. This is what we provide, our team of experts is able to order and replace mirrors that have either cracked or dulled to the point of no return.

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