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Glass Showers & Tub Enclosures

Glass doors can add a level of sophistication to the space surrounding your tub and shower. Although classic materials such as shower liners do the job, they hold no design benefits easily identifiable. When it is time to upgrade to the high quality spa-like bathroom you have always desired, glass enclosure for your bathing space is a good first step.
Glass Tub Enclosures
There are many options when it comes to choosing the metal and glass finishes for your glass tub enclosure. Glass tub enclosures are a chic and stylish way to keep moisture where it belongs, outside of the structure of your home. The bones and workings underneath your walls are delicate and require protection from water. There is no room to mess around when it comes to the damage that water can cause on a home.
Patterns in glass can be intricate and elaborate; they can also include colors or have the minimalistic esthetic of a contemporary or modern influence. No matter the decade of influence, we have options for your tub and shower. Our strong relationship with our vendors has resulted in an almost obscene amount of choices for customers to pick through. There is no one style for every person on the planet earth, not one style that completely fits every human and conveys the feeling they yearn for.
Frameless Shower Enclosures
Frameless shower enclosures are constructed without the heavy metal frames that corner the glass. The glass itself has a tendency to be heavier and therefore holds its place. If the modern or contemporary feel is what you are going after in your bathroom, then this option may be the best choice for your home. The technique to install this type of glass is fairly new but has been completed by our staff on numerous occasions. We guarantee that your family will be ecstatic with the result of this frameless enclosure.
Installation of glass can be tricky; our team has high standards for safety and wears the proper gear at all times during installation. We go above and beyond to secure the glass to the intended place with every measure possible. There is no extra step that our team does not take to ensure your family’s well-being. The installation process is conducted on a day of mutual choosing, and a team will install the glass into its designated place. To ensure that every step is taken with proper caution, our team leader will oversee the whole entire process. The end result is a beautifully installed glass enclosure for your tub or shower and will be ready to use as soon as the sealant is set. Your technician will let you know the time that the shower will be safe to use upon installation.

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