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Custom Glass & Mirrors

Even though custom might sound like an option out of the reach, it can be an affordable and reasonable choice for families like yours. We are here to bring your design desires to life, and the proper dimensions of a mirror in the foyer or bathroom can be the difference between average and amazing. Some stock sizes can have extra material or come up just shy of perfect. There is no reason to settle for an unsatisfactory size when custom options are within budget.
Custom Mirror
Custom mirrors can be as ornate as you imagine or as simple as a custom sizing option. Our team will listen to the needs of you and your household and create a plan to manufacture and install your custom mirror. There is no need to settle for a size that does not fit the wall to perfection, there are options to comprise the mirror of the dimensions that are best suited for the addition. We work with craftsman to completely customize mirrors to your direct specifications. There might be a design, message or texture that appeals to you and this can be accomplished through teaming up with specific vendors and artists.
Stained Glass
Stained glass does not have to be secluded to the beauty of old structures and dwellings. There are artists and vendors who are able to collaborate with you to design the stained glass of your dreams. The colors and designs can add character and whimsical nature to the home in which you reside or your commercial space. There is no limit to what you are able to do, and the results can be absolutely stunning. Stained glass is absolutely a beautiful way to add some individuality to your space. Look no further than SAGAM as we employ only the top tier professionals in the industry.
Custom Glass
Glass is not restricted to use in the form of windows. Glass can be used for tabletops along with other uses. The customization can be used to manipulate the edge of the glass, create texture and color. There are multiple modifications that can be made to glass to help create the vision you have come to life. Our team is here to work with you, creating a reality from the dreamed-up décor.
Glass Shelves
Glass can be utilized to create absolutely stunning shelving units as an alternate to wood. The tempered glass option is popular among consumers and is durable and tough on wear and tear. There are many options when it comes to the color, texture and edge choices you have for your custom glass shelves. To create a fully functional shelf system using tempered glass, call our expert customer service agents today. We will do our absolute best to educate you on the benefits of tempered glass shelving and the options that are available when it comes to the customization of your own unit.

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